What do Fans Like More – the NFL or College Football?

Football, or American Football as people away from the US prefer to call it, is a completely American thing. Although many countries have started adopting the sport it still remains a solely American sport ingrained into the hearts and souls of the people in the US.

There’s no better feeling than having a viewing party with your friends and supporting your team every week, right? Watching the games, munching on tortilla chips, giving extra-long commentaries on why a certain player deserved more etc.

But which one do you choose – the NFL or the NCAA?

Even though the NFL is extremely popular, there is a case to be made about college football actually being more interesting to watch. Many people prefer watching the NCAA as opposed to the NFL.

Let’s dig into this phenomenon a bit further.

The Talent

When comparing NFL and the NCAA it is clear where all the talent lies. The NFL gathers all the best players from all the colleges in the country and puts them in one place to compete against each other. An NFL team comprises of physical specimens that are specifically trained and prepared to tackle the challenges of an NFL season. One simply cannot argue the fact that all the best talent is there.

On the other hand, college teams can’t really say that their entire team is comprised of quality players. Some colleges simply need to add players just so they can fill up a roster. However, there is no denying the fact that college football has its own stars. Some of them reach the heights of the NFL and continue their career among professionals.

Underdog Stories

Although both leagues have their moments, college football has much more underdog stories to tell than the NFL. The NFL is comprised of specifically assembled teams with the aim to reach the goal set before the start of the season. The level of preparation rarely allows for underdog stories to happen. The New England Patriots may be the best and perhaps the only example of the underdog story, as they went on the become one of the most successful teams today and the league’s history.

As far as the NCAA goes, underdog stories happen often. In fact, there is one almost every season. Players in college may not be as skilled as the ones in the NFL but they always give their best and play their hearts out. They are playing for glory and not because of money and sometimes this is enough motivation for a win against a bitter rival.

The Fans

When it comes to fans, college football takes the point. Supporting a local college team is always formed around a close community. Actually, smaller places are the perfect example as people all know each other and want their team to be the best.

NFL fans are sometimes not that motivated to support their teams. They are not as tight as college fans are and have a tendency to turn their back on their team when things are not going well. This is something that you will never ever get to see in college football and their fans.