Once you decide to play in the NFL, the starting philosophy isn’t something that you do not already know. Before even thinking about the NFL, you have to work hard and expose yourself as much as possible. The perfect occasion is to start practising as soon as possible – in your high school or even earlier. If you enrol in college and stay persistent at playing football, there comes the perfect moment to open a door to participate in the NFL. Let’s go step by step and see how to become eligible to play in the NFL. 

Be active in the high school football team

This is a good starting point, and try to be frequently present at practice sessions and matches. The harder you practice, the more present you are at the matches, it is more likely that some of the key college coaches notice you and recruit you for your future college team. At this point, it is important to emphasize that your football skills aren’t enough. You also have to do well at other school subjects and get a high school degree in order to play in the NFL. 

Visit sports camps

Sports camps are the gathering places of various university coaches who hunt for young talents. If the coaches see that you are devoted to practice and ready to grow as a football player, they will remember you more easily later on. Just like you connect to different people on social networks, imagine sports camps as the main junctions of sports networks that can connect you to key coaches and sports managers. Once they happen to like what you do, they will follow your work and be eager to contact you. 

Find a college that suits you best

Be honest with yourself and figure out how important football is for you. If you are up to getting a university degree and playing football at the same time, make a list of colleges that meet all your needs and desires. Then, consult your high school coach on the real opportunities which you can grasp. Search for the programs these colleges offer, the procedures you need to go through to enter the college and their team, etc. It is useful to have a holistic approach to your college practice sessions – work on your movement mechanics, physical and mental strength, as well as on your weak points. 

Applying for the NFL draft

After several years of college practice, you will be ready to apply for the NFL draft. What’s appreciated is the minimum of three years of college practice, so use that time to enrich your athletic resume. The biggest chance for you to get into the NFL is the year after you graduate from college. NFL scouts will first test your physical and mental strength and ask you to go through some medical examinations. During the draft, the scouts will compare you to other players in the domain of the physical, mental and medical state. If they do not pick you, try applying for the supplemental draft where you will show that you have made substantial progress from the official draft.